Friday, February 25, 2011

Flashback Friday: Dental Stories

I decided to jump in this week with a few memories in response to Mocha With Linda's prompt:
What are your dental memories of childhood? Who pulled your baby teeth and how was it done - with a tissue, string, or other method? Was it a traumatic experience or no big deal? Did you have to have any teeth pulled by the dentist? Did the tooth fairy visit your house? If so, how much did you get for each tooth and how long did that last? How old were you at your first dental visit? Did you go regularly? Did you have any/many cavities as a child? Was dental hygiene taught in school? Was flossing a big deal when you were growing up? Did you have braces and, if so, for how long? Did you have to wear rubber bands, head/neck gear or other additional "accessories"? Did you need braces but your parents couldn't afford them? Have you had braces as an adult? Do you have any fond/funny//traumatic memories of old relatives or friends and their false teeth?
 I must have had cavities because I have vague memories of two or three teeth pulled by a dentist in Evans City, PA, during our furlough year.
Most of my teeth-related memories have to do with the two years I wore braces. I write them now as a way of saying a huge THANK YOU to my parents for spending generously from their missionary budget to correct the surprising mess in my mouth as my permanent teeth emerged crooked, pointing out, sidweays and forward, some in front, some in back causing a split bite. If it weren't for orthodontics, I would not feel as free to open my mouth, smile and laugh as much as I do.

I must have been fourteen when the procedure began. We were living in Don Bosco. I had to travel by bus to a city 15 or 20 minutes away and walk a few blocks to the orthodontist for the bi-weekly adjustment. Back then the wrap-around metal braces were in use as well as the tiny rubber bands to hold the jaws in place.

This past year we were able to pay it forward and give the granddaughter the opportunity of a mess-free smile. She has braces that are glued to her teeth and come in the colors of her choice. She does not have to go to the orthodontist as often, more like every other month. The last time happened to be Valentine's Day and they gave her a rose!  How times have changed!

Thanks again, Mom and Dad!


  1. The colored braces and being able to change them out just amaze me. I am so old. Those big old gray bands practically covered the entire tooth!

  2. How nice for you to be able to pay it forward for your granddaughter! A blessing for her I imagine.

    God bless you!

  3. I just went to the dentist this past week for a cleaning and my dentist asked me if I ever thought of getting braces.

  4. I had those same kinds of braces - for almost 3 years! I have a school picture of myself with those blue rubber dog bone things they slid between my teeth to stretch them enough to PUT the braces on, then school pics with the braces and then one with my retainer. I wanted to document the whole process :)


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