Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wash Day--Once upon a time...

Last week I added and corrected a previous post about old technology.
Since then I received a couple of priceless family photos of little ones helping mom do the wash with those old wringer washers.

There is another memorable family photo I'd like to have--one of my siblings on wash day. We called him the wash day orphan.  

Was Monday always wash day when you were growing up? I'm not sure whether our life was that structured  back then. Yet another question for Mother or Lynn to remember.


Lhoyt said...

You got me there. I don't have an inkling about that one. All I know is that we were not allowed to go out with dirty or ragged clothing. Mother would have had a fit if any of us tore his clothes and then tried to wear them without her patching them. And she was also very strong about dirty clothes. There were good clothes (for special occasions) and work and play clothes, or every day clothes, but they all had to be neat, clean, and patched!

Lhoyt said...

Sweet memories.. Many times we helped with the wash, though I remember baking and setting the table and ugh, mowing the lawn more than I remember the wash.

Kim said...

I think I know the photo you mean... I may have posted it on my blog a year or two ago but have no idea where. *sigh* It may be on our old flickr account but you'd have to go through a LOT of photos probably to find it though! :)