Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What an honor!

And what a surprise!
Cotehele from The Old Kitchen, a new friend, awarded me the

The rules are for me to share seven things you didn't know about me, and pass the award on to another favorite recently discovered blogger.
I like Cotehele's one caveat: "Leave a comment with something I don't know about you and/or ask me a question. I'll try to answer as best I can." Her answers are very informative and fascinating. (Find them in her blog The Old Kitchen, here.)
Mine will be brief, but you may ask questions if you really want to know more.

1. I have crossed the Equator more times than I can remember; lived in three continents; traveled, been to 16% of the world.
2. I speak two languages fluently and have been an interpreter; speaker; teacher; team leader. Ironically I have a very soft hard-to-hear voice.
3. I laugh a lot, loudly, and am accused of even laughing at my own jokes.
4. My sneeze is distinct and scary.
5.Cooking is not one of my passions. I am very resourceful with leftovers and make use of whatever is available, and not only in the area of food.
6. I have a need to process and communicate through writing. I can't bear to be without paper and something to write with.
7. I do not want to leave my MESS for others to clean up, i.e. # 1 on my bucket list is to go through my life accumulations, especially archives of family history, process, condense, write and pass on the important things to future generations.

I am going to pick only three of my several new bloggy friends to pass on the award, in no particular order:

Dana at Bug's Eye View
Robin at Be Still and Know
Linda at Mocha with Linda

It is fun to get to know other bloggers! I hope you can play along, IF you are inclined to do so.


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...


Gotta spread all that bloggy love around!

Have a great week!

Kim said...

I guess I've never heard you sneeze :)

Hey, if we didn't laugh at our own jokes sometimes, nobody would. hahaha

How is your German? Since you say you're only fluent in two languages, I wondered about that. Do you ever use it at all?

The Bug said...

I have just such a sneeze - Dr. M once found me in a store when I sneezed. :)

Thanks for the award - I'll have to put some thought into it. I might use it for my Monday Miscellany post.

skoots1mom said...

well deserved, too
i always love reading and seeing your pics