Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week of the Robot

Week 6 for 2011 FIRST Robotics Build Season

My first two photos are borrowed. A favorite grandbaby pic from the DIL's FB profile, used with permission.

This is the busiest week of the year for Mentor Mike.
(Photo credit: Logomotion Week 6 on FB)
The Phyxtgears' robot, must be shipped off to headquarters Tuesday the 22nd when the six-week build season is up. So the late nights have begun. No all-nighters so far. Tomorrow afternoon is the scrimmage. The area teams are invited to the Ball gym for a trial run of the Logomotion game to test their robot, practice driving it and do the necessary tweaking.

Pottery classes at the Red Barn continue three afternoons a week.

In his spare time, mornings usually, Mike spent most of his time in the garage building a slab roller for the pottery room at the Red Barn. He is very pleased with how it works.

So, what have I done this week of my "robottery" widowhood?
--Monday I drove the granddaughter and Wednesday the daughter to their appointments. They have been without a car since the accident.
Daughter gave me this sweet Valentine bag.

--Had a cardiolite stress test on Thursday early and came home wearing proof of having been hooked up.

--I went out to eat three times:
Thursday evening I met my dear friend and former colleague at a Mexican restaurant in town.

Appropriately, I wore my new necklace that came from Mexico last week. I really like it.

--Friday evening the high school art club had a Fazzoli's dinner fundraiser. I ate there with two of the grands.

--This evening, Saturday, friends from our days in Europe were in the area and we had a meal together in the home of other missionary team members who live in town. Sadly, my camera battery died. :(  

Oh, but this morning I joined a couple students from last semester in the Walk A Mile In My Shoes, a Rescue Mission outreach.

And I've been working steadily on various projects at home. In the future I may have something to show for the time invested.

Our snow is almost gone. The moon is out big and bright.


  1. GREAT pics this week...loving that necklace, too!

  2. oh that grandbaby picture is adorable!!!

    I do wish I lived closer and could attend one of Mike's pottery classes!!!

    great week!

  3. The baby is precious & it looks like you made the best of your week without hubby. That necklace looks great on you!

    Hugs & love,

  4. A very full week! I think you're busier in retirement than you were when you worked :)
    So what did the stress test reveal? Any necessary changes in diet required? Meds? Other?
    That necklace is gorgeous!
    Goodness, Skye is so big. It's been a few years, I know, but still! :)

  5. Ummm... I had a hard time getting over to your blog because it told me the blog address did not exist. I don't know if anyone else had that problem, but I wanted you know just in case.

    Your necklace is pretty and matches your outfit well.

    I'll bet you had fun getting rid of the evidence of the stress test.

    Your hubby is so amazing with his mechanical skills.

  6. Cuuuute baby :). And a very pretty necklace.

  7. Super cute messy grand baby it and that smile! Pretty necklace and hope all the results of your test are what you want. Take care

  8. I miss Fazoli's we used to have them here but they all went out of business...

    great week!

    still jealous of the pottery classes


  9. And that grand-baby picture is just to precious!


  10. I'm glad I saw your grandbaby pic before I ate my lunch today - I brought ravioli & I can be a little messy. I'll try to be more cautious now :)

    That's a fine looking torso there - what were the results? I'm assume fabulous since you're in such good shape, but as I understand it sometimes that doesn't matter with heart health.

    When DOES Mike sleep? Good gracious is he a busy man!

  11. Loved the pictures this week....especially loved that necklace. I am a "bling" girl...and definitely when it involves stars and suns.

  12. One of the busiest weeks for Mike?? Sounds like if was crazy busy for YOU, too!!!

    Man, how I wish I could come to Mike's pottery classes! I've always wanted to learn.


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