Saturday, February 12, 2011

Super Week

Yes, Super Bowl Sunday, and super Festival of Missions at Indiana Wesleyan University among other celebrations and super size events this week. Let the photos speak for themselves.

Even the youngest got into the game. He never said who he was cheering for, however.
No matter, he lost interest quickly.

Most in our family were happy for the Packers, after all Mike is from Wisconsin.

Two belated family birthdays were thrown into the celebration.

And in the middle of all that our friend George Verwer arrived to stay with us for the week while speaking at Indiana Wesleyan University.

GV's various favorite spots at our place:

Office in the solarium
Building a fire
Praying through piles of papers, letters and lists with the cat's company. 

The semi igloo built Sunday still stands and we see deer occasionally.

 We had bitter cold temperatures, -10 F Thursday before the sun came up.

In the afternoon I drove to pick up a special package from my friends in Mexico, delivered by the team that just returned from Yucatan. 

The sweet letters and tokens of affection were very special, and I wore the T-shirt the next two days.

The kids at the Red Barn were glazing their pieces this week.

I spent one evening with the grandsons so their Mom and Dad could go to the new Indian restaurant, Sitara.  Malachi was working on a project for school. 

Washington crosses the Delaware

Friday we took George to meet a friend and later be ready to catch a flight the next day.
We were very privileged to have these days together and to be able to attend all the chapel meetings and be touched by his inspiring messages. 

Then the week ended with a visit to the ER and a night at Ball Memorial Hospital for chest pains. But all is well.


shydub said...

The steelers lost the superbowl. so people around our area was not happy with it but they're alright hehe


Loved the glimpses into your week and your world. Thank you for sharing them. The deer and the pottery were my favs this week.

Lisa said...

Such talented artwork I see...Your cat looks like mine and I always have her company right on top of whatever I am working
Very nice pictures you have. You are a wonderful Grandma (Meemaw).

sara said...

yikes! I am assuming Mike had the chest they know why? That is scary. so glad all is ok!!!!

I was wondering if Indiana Wesleyan had a good music dept? my youngest is looking at colleges and music education. He is looking at Ball State but I would love for him to look at IWU.

Mimi said...

The chest pains and ER sound scary, but otherwise it looks like a blessed week!


Lhoyt said...

Waiting to hear who had the chest pains. Glad it was no worse than a scare.
Quite a busy week. Would have liked to see George Verwer again.
After all that pottery work, I hope Mike's eyes weren't "glazed" over.

semperfi said...

Love the lego diarama (sp)!! I'm a lego nut & so is my youngest son. Great job.

The Bug said...

Boy, that Washington had a LOT of company crossing the Delaware!

I'm glad to hear that all is well, but you guys take care of yourselves, you hear?

RaD said...

Will the igloo be completed soon? :) My cousins and I tried that as kids but we never succeeded.

Sorry to hear about the chest pains. Hoping all really is A-okay.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Fun week (except for the ER, glad everyone is OK!) and that pottery class look like to much fun!

One day I want to learn how to do that!


Kim said...

Who had the chest pains? Everything check out ok?

You've sure packed another week chock full of special activities!

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

beautiful winter pictures.