Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Follow-up

I Wonder as I Wander...

That title starts me humming the Christmas song and I go on "...out under the stars" or something like that.
But no, it is the title of the Art Pilgrimage station I posted Wednesday, late. I left it up longer for our pondering. I hardly ever hear back from anyone. Most likely it is because I have not learned how to set it up as a blogging community project that you link to. Or, we are not prone to pondering art. Or, no one is reading.

Last night, son, DIL and I attended a small gathering of friends to welcome a young family from India ministering in the Delhi area. Their God-given vision is to impact culture through the arts. Artists are invited annually to spend a week wrestling together to express and find answers to troubling issues. They offer longer residency programs to a select group of artists. Other programs include the destitute, making art expression available to them in hopes of lifting them out of their despairing circumstances. The thinking is that the act of creating draws us closer to the Creator. (I may have a photo for the next Project 365.)

All that to say that I am more and more convinced of the influencing power of art.
And that said, I move on to add my 2 cents worth to the artist's portrayal of the parable of the lost sheep. It could otherwise be titled "Out of the Maze". There is no sheep in the picture, not even an entire body, but clearly it is a person finding his way out of the confusing and convaluted paths. The only color in the entire piece is red, the color of blood speaks of salvation available through Jesus' sacrifice. That one bright spot draws attention to the end of the search, to finding the Way. That is what the second quote is all about, something like "once you were lost, now you are found."

It is good to look back and reflect on our former lostness only to emphasize and rejoice in what we have found. There is a purpose and end to the searching.

Then, too, there is the first probing question, personalized by the artist: "...wouldn't you leave the others to go and search for the lost one?" 

Where are you: in the maze, at the end, helping a lost one?


sara said...

I have to admit that I am terrible at analyzing art. I just don't seem to think as deep or as out of the box as the artists! But now that I read your explanation, I see it!

And yes, I would leave the others to go and search for the lost one!!

btw, I have not had time to go visit the website and pick another candle life is a bit crazy right now.

SmallTownRunner said...

I admit, I also don't feel like I really "get" a lot of art. This is rather frustrating, being married to an artist who has lots of arty friends. Maybe if I had more time to look and think and learn, I would do better. But that is my reason for not commenting on your art posts.