Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Wonderings

Art Pilgrimage, Station # 9

This one gives us a lot to ponder.

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Kim said...

Sorry I'm so "late to the party". My days of carefree blog reading whenever I wanted have gone by the wayside. How I long for those days! lol

Seriously, I'll be even happier to see my daughter (if that's possible) since she'll have the parts we need to fix the Mac. I MISS MY MAC!

Anyway, back to your post. I've enjoyed the art pilgrimage experience because it has stretched me to re-definte "art". I've always been one who likes to know what I'm looking at. Abstract is okay as long as I have an idea of what it's supposed to mean (i.e., not totally off the wall). I'm really tired tonight and not articulating very well, but it's good to see versions of art I wouldn't have necessarily agreed was art and be pushed outside of my comfort zone.

Not sure when or even if we can ever pull it off (maybe our furlough?) but I think we need to plan a weekend getaway for the ladies in our family. Specifically a weekend in a beautiful place where we can be creative in whatever format we choose. Maybe go to an art museum, art fair or art gallery. Something to ponder :-)