Monday, November 23, 2009


One out of ten

There is a story in the Bible seemingly about ingratitude. Jesus healed ten lepers. Nine hurried away without even a thank you. Were they so ungrateful or simply in a hurry to show others what had happened to them?

From Thanksgiving through the New Year, we tend to look back and reflect on all the events of the past year. I look at my list and ask myself whether, in fact, I did take the time to give thanks or simply rushed on to the next happy moment.

I love to travel. I did not realize till now how privileged I have been this year to get away seven times!

--North Carolina, during spring break, with lovely granddaughter to visit a dear friend I hadn’t seen in almost 40 years!
--Wisconsin, in May, Mike and I drove up to celebrate the life of a dear family friend.
--Cincinnati, OH, a week in June, to work as a reader for Advanced Placement Spanish exams.
--Bushnell, IL, Cornerstone Festival with almost the entire family and several friends.
--Nashville, TN, in August, to the marriage celebration of a former student.
--Chicago, IL, in September to help my dear cousin Rosie her first week after heart surgery.
--Pocatello, ID, two weeks in October so our guys (the Koch brothers and nephew) could hunt ducks and birds to their hearts content.

I love my family. I thank God for each member and the relationships we enjoy: our three grown children, their partners, and the five grandchildren--18, 12, 11, 5 and the newest one about to be born, maybe even tonight!
In July we had an ‘adopted granddaughter’ of sorts.  Amaia, a teenager from the Basque region of Northern Spain was with us for a month. We enjoyed her very much and hope to see her again and even meet her family.

Mike and I both quit our jobs this year. Now, we are truly enjoying the flexibility of retirement and freedom for creative pursuits.
Mike has become very interested in pottery, every aspect. He learns and experiments almost daily: throwing, firing (using several different techniques), glazing, and giving away his unique creations. Klaytivity is the name of his art entity.
I have begun to write life stories and am enrolled in an online writing course.

I have to admit that like the nine, I take so much for granted.

Aiming for a 10/10 gratefulness score!

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sara said...

me too, I want a 10/10 gratefulness score!