Saturday, November 28, 2009

Project 365: Week 48

Giving Thanks

The week began celebrating Malachi's 11th birthday. His big present from grandpa was a bow. Now most of the Koch men and boys have one.

That night I was called to go stay with Sam and Kristie's boys while they went to the Birthing Center. Baby brother was born a few hours later at 2:18 a.m. on the 23rd, Monday. Kristie delivered naturally, a water birth. Amazing process, awesome gift--Zion Promise, 7 lb 11.8 oz.

I spent three nights away and came back home when the boys were in school. The rest of the time was spent keeping their regular routines going and visiting the hospital.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, logger Mike was felling trees, splitting and hauling wood, plugging away at his many to-do's. (Please note this is his own list, not a honey-do list.) But he also visited and enjoyed his new grandson.

Wednesday Elijah did not have to go to preschool so we spent the day together trying to keep busy. We waited patiently   till 4:00 o'clock for baby to come home.

Then I went home happily exhausted. We waited till Friday to celebrate Thanksgiving so the entire family could be present.
Thursday we were invited to chef son's for Thanksgiving dinner with her family: parents, two sisters and their kids (15 under 15).  Loads of good food, floors full of  tots and toys; games, conversation, laughter, photos= a whole lot of fun. You can only see half the young'uns in the photo.


Mike was chief chef for the Koch gathering. He produced an amazing array of delectable dishes.
I could not get a good photo that did justice to the spread on the counter. So here is the delightful centerpiece, one of his clay creations that I discovered looked good on a stand we've had around for a long time.

However the true center of attention of the evening was our new family member.

Each and every one of us took turns holding the precious wee one, but I did not think it appropriate to hog the blog with the unending photos.
We are so very thankful for this little miracle. I am hoping he retains his reddish hair!


Kim said...

Great photos! Of course it helps when you have such a photogenic family :-) Loved that centerpiece too -- great idea to combine old with new! Probably just as well you didn't post a photo of your spread. I AM STARVING. lol Woke up at 5 am and it's after seven now. After seeing the muffins on Dena's blog, I think I'll have to go make some :-)

Lisa said...

Yay, he's here! Glad to hear everything went fine. Wow, what a name...very different , but I like it. They must have been so thankful that you were able to be at the house keeping things running as normal. Such a blessing to have everyone together, even if it means waiting a day!

sara said...

yea! congrats on that beautiful new grandbaby!!! and hey, I wouldn't mind seeing some more pictures of him!!!

looks like you had a wonderful holiday!

btw, did you get my email? I got the is beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!

fransmomma said...

zion is adorable! congratulations!! he's very alert for being just a few days old!

Elizabeth said...

What a great week... a birthday... a new time... so much to be thankful for!

Esthermay said...

• Wow! Amazing week for your family! That is such a precious little boy -- he looks so peaceful with his grandpa :-)
• Gotta' love the man who makes his own "ToDoList!"
Great Memories this week!