Sunday, November 8, 2009

Project: Week 45

ID to IN

El hombre propone, Dios dispone. (Man proposes, God  disposes.)

Our plans don't always work out. God knows best. Car troubles kept us f.i.v.e extra days in the home of relatives out West nestled in this lovely neighborhood.

Every day we hoped that would be the day the car was fixed. As the family left for work and school, we'd say yet another goodbye.

All the leisure time allowed me to write more--four posts during the week must be a record. Mike and nephew enjoyed more hunting times.
The weather was gorgeous the entire week. I wogged 40' every day and Mike jogged. Can you find him running on the path in the middle of the photo?

Finally, Wednesday afternoon we were able to begin our journey homeward. By then, after half a month away, we were eager to get back and gave up all thought of swinging by Yellowstone. Our sightseeing was limited to whatever we glimpsed as we drove, and that was beautiful indeed: mountains, hills, lava rocks, rivers and reminders of God's loving presence all along the way. See the three crosses on the hill?

We saw many windmills and passed trucks transporting one blade at a time which gave us an idea of their enourmous size.

We stopped at another sporting goods store and enjoyed the displays, a learning experience for me because all the creatures were labeled. This one was especially interesting because in Argentina I remember calling someone a marmota was an insult, something like dumb or stupid.

So we arrived safely, no more car problems, in fact we got better mileage! The dealer even phoned us on the way to make sure everything was running smoothly. In all his 25 years he had never encountered a fuel-pressure-speed-resistor issue.

I was then able to attend a book signing Saturday and meet Sherrie Eldridge, adoptee and author of several books on the subject of adoption. We had been in correspondence for over a year discussing the possibility of translating her materials into Spanish.

Today, Sunday, I so look forward to going to church again, seeing all the family (we will be celebrating Sam's birthday), and later connecting with all of you through Sara's Project 365.


Dena said...

I'm so happy to hear you made it home safe and sound. You had quite a trip!

The wind turbines are very popular in our area and we see them popping up in rural areas all around us.

Was the other sporting goods store Cabela's? There is one a couple of hours from us, and we go there every year.

Darla said...

hi Rita! i have enjoyed reading about your adventures this week. you are an inspiring woman, and you remind me alot of my own mom. you never quit, never slow down. i love it! i hope to be the same way when my kids are grown. i see the windmills daily where i live, they are showing up everywhere!

sara said...

forced into 5 extra days of vacation......that is my kind of vacation!! minus the car bills of course! :)

growing up in AZ we saw those windmills alot as we traveled to CA...I have never seen the blades up close and had no idea they were that huge!!!

so glad you made it home safely, though I am sorry you didn't get to do of my favorite places we've been as a family!

Kim said...

So, inquiring minds want to know, will you be translating Sherrie's books?

Enjoyed your photos and the story of your trip home. I'm also sad you didn't make it to Yellowstone. Maybe next year!

Ivan will be taking our car to the mechanic tomorrow. The whole electrical system failed last evening, no lights inside or outside. He tried to figure out the problem but wasn't successful. Hope it doesn't take five days to fix though!

Glad you made it home safely!

SmallTownRunner said...

We saw several trucks with those windmill blades on our trip to Cornerstone in July. I was amazed at how large they really are.

Edie said...

I'm so glad you made it home safely. Wow I never would have guessed those windmill blades were that large. Perspective is everything!

Love the picture of the three crosses on the hill.

Jewel said...

Hola! How are you? I found your blog from Kim's blog!

Hey, I will take 5 extra vacation days any week! Those are beautiful pictures. Looks like it was a good trip.