Saturday, November 21, 2009

Project 365: Week 47

It was my Sunday to lead Jr. Worship. I love the story of Esther, the Bible verse--Psalm 138:8, and the children!

The record number of kids were quite attentive. They loved the story and the craft. It was a glittery mess but great fun!

Monday I rejoiced greatly when I heard of the completion of the reassembling of Sam's skateboarding bowl in its new location. He's been working so hard to finish the project before the baby arrives, and to begin charging and be able to pay expenses. (These are not my photos. I stole them off Facebook.)

'Pottering' resumed this week. Almost as soon as the counter got its weekly thorough cleaning, it was in use again, and that has remained constant all week. This is merely a sample.

Not to be any less productive, I kept busy: writing; scrapbooking, that is too big a word, or let's say sorting and albuming old photos; mending a stack of work jeans; all the while listening to An Echo in the Darkness, by Francine Rivers. Some evidence of my work sits on the steps waiting for the family birthday celebration Sunday. Malachi is 11 years old today, the 21st.

Chef-son came over early several mornings to hunt deer. After a few disappointing mishaps, finally on Thursday he brought in a doe. It's best you can't see her in the photo, not a pretty picture.

We were so blessed to visit with Stefan and Neeru Eicher from India.

He an artist and she an attorney (now primarily a mother to two little ones), they have a vision to bring about social justice and share Kingdom principles through their professions.  Reflection Art gallery was opened recently in New Delhi, and "exists to see art impact society with beauty and truth," to quote Stefan.

Today, Mike made good use of the beautiful weather to take on his woodsman role.

How was your week? Rainy, cold, warm, hot? Productive, overwhelming?
Let us pray for one another as we visit Sara and friends.


LuAnn said...

Great Week!!

sara said...

love the crowns!

Does your husband have a website for his pottery or was it just on face book?

Well, since I live in AR it is a very common site these days to see a dead deer strapped to the back of a truck or trailer...yuck!

great week!

Kim said...

Sounds like a full and productive week! How did Mike get those patterns with the pottery? The one almost looks like tire tracks - very interesting! Where's Sam's new place? Muncie? Hard to believe Malachi is 11!!! Am going to go check out the Eicher's website when I'm done here.

Sitting in front of the fan and still sweating. PRAYING for a nice rain storm.

Dena said...

The crowns are too cute! Great idea!

My son and husband went hunting too, but for pheasants.

Elizabeth said...

looks like you had a great week.. very productive!

I brought my photo album I made of the pictures you gave me and I plan on getting Dad to write in any comments/thoughts... once we finish I will mail it to Grandma.

hope you all have a happy thanksgiving!