Friday, November 6, 2009



Let’s go back a few years, maybe 33.

We had two children. The delivery of our firstborn had been so difficult that our immediate reaction had been, “No more, we will adopt the rest.” We did that, two years later Leah came into our family.

However, a few years went by, and one night both of us, at the same time, said we wanted to trust God for another child.

The months that followed involved many ups and downs, moves and changes. We left the ministry in Austria, returned to the USA and settled in Wisconsin. Then I became pregnant at age 34.

All went well, and a Caesarian was planned for November 6th. The surgeon was very experienced and confident. Hoping to comfort me he said, “I could do this with my eyes closed." “Please don’t,”I begged.

About 8:05 a.m., the barely-under-8 lb. baby boy was brought out to the light. (In Spanish the expression dar a luz for giving birth, literally means “give to the light”.)

We named him Samuel, “asked of God”.

Passport Photo

When he was only two weeks old we went back to OM, the missionary organization we had worked with most of our married life This time we joined the M/V Doulos and circled South America three times and visited ports throughout Europe for the next five years.

Early memories:

Sammy’s first memory verse was from John 14, “I go prepare a place for you.”

His first ‘offering’ experience went like this: as he leaves for Sunday School I say, “Here’s some money for Jesus.”
He comes back later with the same coins and says, “He wasn’t there.”

His understanding of who Jesus is has grown over the years into a deep faith and close personal relationship. Yet another challenge awaits this loving husband and dad, a third son is due in three weeks!


Kim said...

Oh my, the offering story is so funny! What a great passport photo. lol

Maybe you need to get 'stranded' more often so you blog more :-)

SmallTownRunner said...

"He wasn't there" -- hilarious!