Sunday, July 4, 2010

2010 Project 365 #27

Fun and Games

Our first full week with Amaia we may have worn her out! Every day a new experience and most days two or more special activities. I will not tire you with photos of each and every one, even so there are more than one per day.

Ivanhoe's--we met Laurie and another Basque girl and her hostess.
Game of LIFE--Amaia won.
Malachi's Little League game

Wonderful Monday Meal at Chef's and games of chess after.

Tuesday we took the three Basque girls to Connor Prairie where they stepped back in time and experienced a bit of life in the early 1800's. (More photos and commentary here.)

Wednesday was Fort Wayne zoo day and if that was not enough, we went to a water park on the way back. Two grandboys were along. Elijah said, "That was the bestest day ever.

Thursday we took the girls to a big shopping mall and then joined the crowds for Family Day at the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

Friday a second time to the Splash House for all kinds of water fun and more sunburn/tan? (That was the ongoing debate after--burn or tan?) The wave pool is new this year.

While they were there I went for a walk with my friend Viola. She rides her electric scooter and I trot along.

In the evening the Mississinewa Valley Band gave a concert in our church parking lot.

There was a large crowd, but we had back row seats in our friends, Dane and Laurie's yard next door.

After that we were off to another venue, downtown Marion First Friday where they showed The Blind Side on a big outdoor screen.

 But here we have front row seats and plenty of blankets for the night cold air.

How to explain the title to Amaia? The context is American football and because there is no Spanish equivalent, they gave it another title--Un sueño posible. For those readers who speak Spanish's forum explanation is  "se refiere a como el "offensive tackle" protege el ángulo muerto del "quarter back" en football americano."

It was past midnight when we got to bed, even so Mike got up early today, Saturday, and went for bike ride with two friends. However, he found a shorter way back and here he is raiding the fridge for nourishment.

I think he was simply too eager to watch the start of the Tour de France. The historic review of the 100 years of the stages in the Pyrenees was especially interesting having "been there done that", well...sort of.

And the day is not over yet. I stayed home, but the others went to Marion again for another concert and fireworks. Mike and Dane left earlier to watch the Marion Classic bike race.

The weather has been beautiful all week. We hope it accompanies us next week when we go camping.
Anyone else going camping this summer? Go to Sara's for more.


sara said...

wow you have had an eventful week!!!

all my kids have been to Connor Prairie on field trips!! they loved it.

the Fort Wayne zoo is great too. we used to go when we had band competitions down there!

well, Happy 4th, my friend!!!

skoots1mom said...

what a fun week you've had...i've been crocheting...whooppeeee! hahahaha.
Happy 4th!!

Kim said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your week! LOL

Will try later to view videos you put up. Internet is very slow this afternoon.

Rebecca Jo said...

I had to laugh at the flip-flops with the Prairie dresses! Did I miss that part in the history books? haha!!!!

Anonymous said...

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