Saturday, July 31, 2010

El destino final

Camino de Santiago--continued

To wrap-up this segment of our Adventures in Europe, let me take you to the final destination of the popular pilgrimage.

These glimpses of what we experienced that day are meant to give you a feel of the massive structures and of the masses that throng the Catedral de Santiago.  I can't imagine what it must have been like last Sunday, the day of St. James, and on Holy Year at that!

There were so many entrances and crowds of people everywhere. Reviewing the photos, I have become very confused as to what was where. No matter, this will give you an onlooker's first impressions.

Is that supposed to be St. James up there, and which one--James the brother of Jesus or James the Greater?

Wikipedia says:
According to legend, the apostle Saint James the Greater brought Christianity to the Celts in the Iberian Peninsula. In 44 AD he was beheaded in Jerusalem. His remains were later brought back to Galicia, Spain
 I have enjoyed this travelogue-of-sorts because it has forced me to research and learn a lot of interesting things.
Did you know that Spain has the second largest number of UNESCO-declared World Heritage sites (41 in all) and Santiago de Compostela is one of the main ones?
For more fascinating facts go to history of el Camino.


SmallTownRunner said...

The cathedral is soooo elaborate!

Kim said...

Beautiful building -- and MASSIVE. I can see why you got confused trying to figure out what was where!