Sunday, July 25, 2010

2010 Week 30: A VERY FULL WEEK

Invited to dinner, music and many life stories. 


This last week with our Basque students, we were trying to do all the things on our wish list.

Amaia was gone with the youth to Cedar Point; Mike worked at the Red Barn, and I planned and shopped for her birthday party. Kayla had an expander put in her mouth. Ughhhhh!

The roof is finished! The guys, all volunteers, worked very hard even in such hot weather!
One of the ideas for this addition to the Red Barn, is to have a pottery studio. (For those who do not know, the Red Barn offers an after-school program for kids in grades 6th-12th.)

The outing of the day began with a picnic lunch at Taylor Lake, some shopping and a visit to the 4H Fair in Muncie, where we got to see our friendly robot on display.

Palindrome was beeping, lights flashing, ready to 'kick' the soccer ball.

 Wednesday--Amaia's 17th birthday! 
We had a big party at Wandering Wheels--lots of food, games, swimming pool, miniature golf, but mostly family, fun, and fellowship.

We sang the birthday song in Basque--Zorionak zuri.

Another big day that wrapped up with a rousing game of spoons.

Began with visits to two hospitals where Amaia was given tours of their NICUs and pediatric wards and ended with a farewell-thank you meal prepared by our Basque teens.

  Time to pack!

One last visit to Ivanhoe's.


Rita said...

Wow! You are right - a very busy week! At least you have the pics to revisit it when things slow down!

Tori said...

You were indeed busy!! Love the accordian. When my oldest was 3 that's all he wanted, so we got him a toy one and it was a huge hit with all of our kids!
The barn is looking great. BTW, does Mike have a link to his pottery? I would love to see it. I am a sucker for good pottery.
Love spoons. My father-in-law won't play anymore, because he says we are too out of control! :)
I am sure you will miss Amaia, but what a treasured time you have given her!!
Have a super week!

Kim said...

What an utterly jam-packed, fun week! Gotta love so many photo ops :) What wonderful connections you've made through hosting Amaia!

Ivan loaned our camera out this week so we have almost no photos. Plus, with Tina getting engaged, I decided to wait and do two weeks of Project 365 next week. Had to share the happy news of the engagement!

Tina said when they arrived at GV on Sunday after church, before they could even say anything, mom said, "He popped the question, didn't he?" and they were like, "How did you know?!" lol

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Lot's of activity for you this week!

Love playing spoons!

Lot's of departures this week in all of the 365ers!


SmallTownRunner said...

So is Amaia gone now? Any chance she'll be back next year?