Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We said goodbye to our girl on Sunday and she is not home yet! This is the third day, that's THREE days.
Sunday night we heard that the plane out of Chicago had problems, was turned around, but not allowed to land until it had burned up more fuel. They finally flew out  Monday afternoon. Amaia's group, the last one, had a 14 hr. layover in Brussels and should finally be landing about now, Tuesday afternoon, four o'clock our time, ten theirs. We will not rest easy until we hear that they have arrived safely.

Looking back on our own overseas adventure, almost eight weeks ago, I realize how fortunate we were that in spite of a couple delays, our flight schedule was not interrupted and we arrived in Spain as planned.

I remember how new and different everything was. We had to find our way to the car rental place; they didn't have the GPS we'd ordered. We asked for directions to La Coruña, Galicia, on the far western corner of Spain and they gave us three main cities to look for. We stopped and bought a map and were busy following it and reading signs. Oh, and figuring out the car with all its bells and whistles!

We chose to follow the Northern coast. Midway across Northern Spain  we were too tired to continue and decided to spend the night in Gijón, Asturias, the capital of the Costa Verde. Interestingly, one website says,
Visiting the city of Gijón is a great way to begin an adventure into the rural countryside of northern Spain. Gijón is a mid-sized city of about 270,000 people with all the comforts of being modern while displaying a historical taste of the region of Asturias surrounding it.
So, we had done the right thing!
We asked around and found a reasonably priced nice place to stay--Hotel Arena .
I mentioned this briefly here, in the recap of our trip.

Now let me move on to the signs that caught our attention all along the way. They mark the way for the many pilgrims that come from around the world. Read about the famous pilgrimage here. I will write about the peregrinos I met next. Would you like to do this some day? Would the experience make your bucket list?

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skoots1mom said...

i'm tired just hearing about the travel faux pas...what a mess. i actually heard the news report about the plane having to fly around for 3 hrs b4 coming down...so glad she made it safely.
i know your heart must still be in your throat...travel mercies and protection, amen.