Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday...three weeks ago

On this lazy Sunday afternoon, I am remembering our last Sunday in Onyarbi.

We walked to the old city center, the Walled City, for the Medieval Festival--straw strewn all over the cobblestones, the vendors dressed in medieval costumes, fire throwing acts and other actors walking around, old world music.

Fire-Throwing Dance

Strange Medieval Creature

Music Machine

Medieval Marching Band

Around noon we walked through the San Nicol├ís Gate and left the walled city. 

The informational pamphlet says,
Hondarribia is, today, the only Gipuzkoa town that still retains its Renaissance walls.
Imagine that--while they celebrate medieval customs and and still have structures that date back to Roman times, our nation just celebrated only 234 years!

We crossed the bridge, over the old moat, into modernity to hear our own Amaia perform.

Hondarribiko Musika Eskolaka Banda
She is the very serious one on the right.

I began this reminiscing yesterday. I post it today, Monday, hoping you find time to enjoy it on this holiday.


skoots1mom said...

great pics...
i've never seen an accordion in a performing!

Kim said...

Fire throwing dance(?)/fight(?) between a man and woman, it appeared? Interesting how they solve their marital problems in that area. LOL

What in the world was the guy in costume on stilts supposed to be?! And was that some kind of instrument he got started and just let go on its own? Very curious!

Loved the little group marching and playing music through town. Fun watching your friend perform too. I had never heard of accordions in an orchestra either, but why not?! Sounded great.

So fun to see/hear a little of what you did!

P.S. Basque morzilla is something Ivan came across at our favorite pork place. Haven't found it anywhere else. The sausage is the only thing the owner doesn't make himself, but gets from a producer in La Falda -- he says it's just too messy to make, but his customers love it. We sure do! It's the only morzilla I've been able to stomach. lol It's quite tasty and, in my opinion, doesn't taste anything like morzilla :D