Sunday, July 18, 2010

2010 Week 29

Monday Meal at Chef-son's

Can you notice anything different here? Zion is sitting up, eating solids, nothing new there. What about Kayla? Maybe by the end of this post you will figure it out.

Tuesday at the Red Barn
Mike started helping with the addition to the Red Barn, so I stopped by to get a photo.

This is where I found them, not working, eating! Do they look like they'd even been working? Look at those white trousers. You can't fool me!

Wednesday at Grace Village, Winona Lake, IN

I visited Dad in the Health Center and spent the night at Mother's.

Meanwhile Kayla passed the written test and now has permission to drive with an adult!

Thursday she drove with Grandpa all the way to Muncie and back! No wonder she had a headache the next day!

Friday at IRI
The Indiana Robotics Invitational is the largest FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) anywhere. Our team is so fortunate to have this opportunity right here in Indiana, only an hour away. 

There were 78 teams representing 17 states, plus one from Canada.

The game this year is Breakaway, a type of soccer. Team 1720 or Phyxtgears chose to make theirs a tunnel bot, one small enough to go through the opening in the center of the section dividers. Its name is Palindrome because it was made to be able to shoot balls from both ends.
In this photo our little robot was performing as programmed, for the initial 15 seconds of autonomous mode, and made a goal. They were not so fortunate in the final scores of the two days, even so they are winners for all they learn through the experience.

Saturday,  July 17--the long awaited RAIN, and I don't mean precipitation that might cool down our very hot summer (90's, even 100!), but the popular bicycle event--the Ride Across IN. Mike completed 127 of the 160 miles. Even the toughest riders had trouble due to the heat. He's home recuperating now.

And Amaia arrived back from camp this afternoon. She went to bed before 8 p.m. I think they stayed up all night talking. So we have both 'our girls' home and they share something in common now!


Tori said...

I immediately thought braces for Kayla. She had a busy week, with driving and teeth!
Good for Mike for completing so much of the ride. That heat was nothing to mess with!
Our high school here is very involved with robotics. I think it is amazing what they can create and do!
Have a super week Rita!

sara said...

oh that baby is getting so big!!!!

those men didn't look like they had been working too hard at all! ha!

It was hot in IN this week, but actually felt good coming from AR!!

btw, blueberry honey is from the bb farm in South Bend. their bees pollinate the bb blossoms and the honey is I was so happy to get to bring some home!

RaD said...

Loved the robotics competition, it sounds like so much fun! You have a teen driver, huh? Do you call your friends and family before she leaves and let them know to stay off the roads ;0)

skoots1mom said...

fun post...
Zion is so big...

skoots1mom said...

THANKS for keeping me straight...i've corrected my link :)
i love always reading and seeing what you and Kim have been doing...feel like i have two more sister :)

Rebecca Jo said...

ahhh - braces... a rite of passage for teenagers! :)

Kim said...

Knew about the braces from facebook -- looks like she's enjoying the experience :) Tina always had fun changing the color of the bands each month. AND the milkshakes she always got after each dental visit :)

Is The Red Barn where Stephan and Karen were married?

Now you can just have K drive you wherever you need to go :) Do I foresee another road trip with her in your future -- when she can share the driving duties?!

H-Mama said...

Those white trousers are a dead giveaway! Made me giggle. :)

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Ha ha! White trousers, huh? They must have had a lot of "planning" to do that day...

Wow!! Braces!! Never had 'em myself, but definitely needed them. Still do. I guess I'm waiting until we get "rich" or nobody notices my teeth anymore. :)

SmallTownRunner said...

You know, you can use your son's name in your blog. Just because I don't use it in mine doesn't mean you can't. (: