Sunday, July 11, 2010

2010 Week 28

The week began celebrating the USA's 234th birthday and ended celebrating Spain's victory in the World Cup final, and in between we went camping, experienced muchísimo calor y más mosquitos que nunca!

My way of bringing together the USA and Basque Country.

We enjoyed sparklers and fireworks at the hija's place.

Monday was a holiday, Mike joined his cyclist friends all morning and again today insisted on more torture in the heat!

Tuesday mid morning we left for three days of camping at Indiana Dunes State Park where we endured the heat, suffered the mosquitoes, enjoyed the Lake Michigan beach, ate good food, played games, told stories and hung out with great friends.

Once the tents were up we went the long way to the beach via the Devil's Slide; after that we always drove.

One smart thing we did was to assign meals. I made tacos for one lunch and Swedish pancakes for Thursday breakfast. I was quite pleased with how this system worked out: shape the crepe in the pan; cook the other side on the end of the grill cover over the other burner; keep one warm on the outside end; constantly rotate and serve.

On the last morning some of us, the more competitive, enjoyed a rousing game of Nerts.

And Tess found a little friend.

We drove to Mt. Baldy to enjoy the view, the sand, the beach and the waves.

The three adventurous teens went back up to the summit for the thrill of running down again.

This morning we sent our teens off to Miracle Camp for the week.

This afternoon we were glued to the TV watching Spain and Netherlands battle it out for 120+ minutes in the World Cup!


Tori said...

Those sparklers are HUGE!
Your camping trip looks and sounds great, except the mosquitos!
How do you play Nerts? We're always looking to add to our game repetoire!
I grew up on Bankson lake every summer at Camp Shawadasee. We used to swim across the lake to Miracle Camp! Fun memories!
I am sure you are celebrating Spain's victory! Can you imagine if you were there now?
Have a super week!!

H-Mama said...

Oh my! I want to put my toes in that sand. Beautiful... and fun!!

SmallTownRunner said...

I also really liked assigning meals for camping. It was nice to know that we had only a certain amount of food for which we were responsible, and that someone else was taking care of the rest. Perfect!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

I'm loving all these adventures. It's great y'all shared cooking responsibilities. I've never been a big beach person, but it's been soooo long since I've been to one that I'm actually starting to miss it a bit. Kinda want to feel the sand between my toes after looking at these pics...