Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finding Waldo

We came across a most interesting page in Real Simple magazine's latest issue, which arrived this week.

Finding Amaia on her own hometown beach may be just as challenging as Finding Waldo!

The photographer quoted above mentions the breathtaking views from the nearby mountain. We can attest to that, although my photographs will never do justice to the scenery.

 This is my best effort, taken from the Jaizkibel mountain or ridge.

You probably cannot read the small upside down print. The first town on the west side of the river (see inlet on the left) is Hondarribia and the peak in the range to the left is Jaizkibel. The east side of the Bidasoa river is France. This may help you imagine the beautiful  hilly/mountainous country we fell in love with.

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Mari said...

Hi Rita,
When I saw your comment I wondered which Kim was your SIL, but after reading your profile, I know it's Southern Girl Kim!
I love her, and Luann too!
I got my Real Simple magazine today. I'll have to look for that picture.
Thanks for stopping by!