Sunday, August 8, 2010

2010 Week 32

The photos I managed to collect make this week seem very ordinary. I know it was far from that.

Elijah spent two nights at Grandma's house while big brother Malachi was away at camp. He was entertained  mostly by cousin Kayla. The puzzle was only one of many activities.

The first morning he said, "Grandma, can you teach me some piano skills?" ;-)

Twice again this week Mike went to help his friend pick peaches. So, the seconds have covered our counter all week, and I worked on them most days. Monday I made two peach pies, actually Peach Kuchen recipe, to take to Monday Meal for DIL's birthday this week. Didn't remember to take a picture until the last piece.

Another day I made a wonderful peach salsa, even if I say so myself!

Almost all of it disappeared today when the family came over.

Kayla had to go to the orthodontist twice and also had to get two shots before registering for school.

Did you notice the predominance of the number two (2) so far? It's time to change that.
I accomplished three (3) house cleaing projects: kitchen/dining room floor; the stairs; the oven!

Mike worked at the Red Barn four (4) days and they accomplished their goal of closing it up.

This eighth-grader attends the after-school program and was there to help.

Saturday I ran a 5K. That's nothing, Mike rode 60 miles with the Delaware Cycling Club.


sara said...

that is a big puzzle!!

oh, how I wish I had some of those peaches!!!

just had a dinner party tonight and realized just how bad my oven had gotten....that is my goal tomorrow morning!

You know, Rita, I wouldn't even know where to begin in publishing this curriculum. any ideas?

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Peach salsa! Oh My Gosh that sounds to wonderful!

so does the pie!


Kim said...

Peaches - YUM! Gonna share the recipes???!!!
We bought some strawberries from a street vendor in Cordoba today and tonight I made chocolate scones which served as a base for strawberry shortcake.
Loved the concept of numbers in this post :) I would never think of something like that.
Okay, please come clean my oven now. I tried a couple weeks ago. Went through TWO cans of spray and it still isn't clean. Going to try a product that actually WORKS. lol
You would enjoy running around the lake here!

Tori said...

I love your numbers this week!! Glad you made it to "5".
Oh peaches...I am salivating..the pie and salsa look fantastic!
I love big floor puzzles and so do my kids.
Great job on the 5K!!
Have a super week Rita!

SmallTownRunner said...

The peach salsa was indeed delicious. I think you should post the recipe.

SmallTownRunner said...

Please do share the peach salsa recipe. It was soooo good!

rita said...

I hadn't shared the recipe because I could not find it again online. But I just came across it again:
The reason I chose this one was because it was seemingly the only one not calling for cilantro, which I did not have. I also did not have mint, but used a liquid mint sauce. I probably fudged a little in other ways too, but it was fabulous. And, Karen, you will have the fresh mint, right?