Sunday, August 22, 2010

2010 Week 34: The Routine and the Unexpected

Life is a constant mix of both. This week was a stark example.

Monday Night meal has become our normal routine. Always a fun time with friends and family, a varied group each time. The food is often a surprise new culinary experience along with the anticipated chai and fresh baked bread. Joking banter is the norm as the evening progresses. This time we were also entertained by Chef-son and protege Kayla's swaying and singing with the radio pop tunes as they prepped the food. Glad to report no one was hurt!

Kayla J (who now lives with Stephan and Karen and is not to be confused with our granddaughter Kayla) had started a new after-school job at a flower shop, so beautiful centerpiece-bouquets may become routine. We will never grow tired of  these discarded samples of God's creativity!

Tuesday we received the most unexpected shocking news of the passing of niece Elizabeth's husband. Sadness prevailed.

Wednesday was a very long day. I didn't know why I had awakened so very early and accomplished a great deal of the usual reading/writing/responding before mid-day, until son Sam needed help with transportation to take his car to Warsaw and bring back a truck. I was able to spend a few hours with Mother and watch her use the new birthday gift. Amazing! She reads all our blogs and e-mails now with ease and is loving it.

Also that day I received an urgent plea offer from Ivy Tech Community College to teach a Spanish Level 1 class beginning next Tuesday! I spent much of Thursday trying to decide whether this was right for me/us at this time. Then went to the Muncie campus to accept and pick up the necessary materials and information. Hopefully this new assignment will not interfere with writing and blogging which have become an important part of my routine.

Mike continues to work at the Red Barn. They estimate the work will be finished in the next week or two. A large donation has allowed them to go this far. The regular after-school program began this week. The youth will be grateful for more space and an art room.

In his spare time, potter-Mike continues to experiment, create and fill up his shelves with a variety of unique pieces. Here he is using horse hair to decorate raku-fired pots.

Saturday I spent all day working on a syllabus for Spanish 101.
In the late afternoon, we dusted off the tandem and rode to Payne's Coffee and Custard for a light supper.

Today we traveled to Warsaw again to celebrate with Mother and Dad their 68th anniversary. All the cards on the bulletin board were different and made by Elizabeth but this one is special because it was signed by Mike, hr husband, before he died.


sara said...

Monday night meal sounds wonderful!

so cool to see your mom using an ipad. I wish I could get my mom to even TRY to use a computer!

hopefully a purple or blue butter bell is being thrown in that shop?!! :)

God brings Elizabeth to my mind a lot. still praying for her.

Kim said...

Wow! Are you excited to be teaching again?!

We had lunch with Colles today. And I forgot to take a single photo :( They asked about you.

While we're in the U.S., we hope to make it to at least one of the Monday night meals :)

So glad mother is enjoying the iPad!

The Bug said...

Those flowers are fabulous! I love Mike's pottery too.

Good luck with your class!

Still praying for Elizabeth.

Tori said...

I think Monday nights with your family is the place to be! I think the flowers will be a nice perk from Kayla's job!
Was so sad to hear about Mike. Praying for Elizabeth and the family as they grieve and celebrate.
Good for you for teaching the course! I would love to learn Spanish and I think you would be the perfect teacher!
Have a super week!!!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Way to go grandma, so many older folks shy away from technology! Totally jealous of her ipad!

Wonderful week in pictures. Those purple flowers were amazing. i think purple is one of my favorite colors for flowers.


skoots1mom said...

what a week..
love the flowers
go grandma!
prayers for lizzie...heartbreaking

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

I hope when I'm older like your mom that I will be keeping up with "the times" like her! That's great!!

I'm so sorry about Elizabeth's loss. :(