Saturday, August 28, 2010

2010 Week 35

We are still enjoying summer weather and food. I attempted to copy a salad our host prepared for our first meal in Hondarribia, with added avocado.

 The week was consumed with everything involved in teaching a Spanish course at Ivy Tech: mountains of the paperwork; gathering materials; setting up an area for all the stuff; lesson planning; driving 40 minutes each way twice a week; and the actual class time interacting with the students--by far my favorite!

I thought I had neglected the one-a-day photo project, but it seems there are more than enough pictures to illustrate our week.

Sunday we celebrated Dad and Mother's 68th anniversary.

While there in the Retirement Dining Room, a very special person from my past came up to me--the dean of women when I was a student at Grace College. She is almost 93 and her husband 95!

And, hear this, they were married six years ago! Eons ago they had dated a year and a half when they were in Bible college until someone else came along and swept her off her feet. After 46 happy years and three daughters, Miriam became a widow. Twenty years later she remarried. How's that story for a Hallmark movie?

My drive to Ivy Tech takes me right by son Sam's workshop. It's fun to drop in, chat, meet his guys. I was very impressed with all the equipment he has acquired for his business--SAM'S CUSTOM WOODWORKING.

He would not get in the picture so one of his guys stood in for him. Ha! In the back part of the warehouse is the huge skateboarding bowl. The last time I remember stopping by was a Saturday morning 8 a.m. and already there was a group skating the bowl--fathers and sons, old timers sharing their love of the sport with their young'uns!

This week the DIL's book came out--Hope for the Barren Heart. I was soooooo excited and happy for her. Did you know that 12% of the population is affected by infertility? I didn't.

Last night we watched this interesting video in anticipation of another farewell celebration tomorrow at our church: Jay Kesler's pastoral legacy at Upland Community Church. We are so blessed to have Jay and Janie as neighbors and have enjoyed his preaching ministry very much. This is his third retirement, at least. Will it be the last?

I don't think this looks very much like him, though.

Nor does the next photo capture what I saw initially. The hummingbird feeder we love to watch out of our den window, was momentarily on fire, lit up by the setting sun.

Speaking of fire--I went by the mail box today at noon, it was open and this is what I saw:

On closer inspection, the policeman and I found scraps of notebook paper among the ashes. The mail was delivered later.


Kim said...

That dish looks very yummy. What all is in it?
Mrs. Uphouse hasn't changed much -- still that bright smile :)
Did you mean Woodworking? for Sam's business?
Have to go check out Karen's book. Slow internet in Sta. Rosa kept me from doing more than basic e-mails and facebook.
I hope no actual mail was destroyed? Kids with too much time on their hands?

rita said...

Thanks, Kim, for catching the typo.
The salad, basically: tuna, onion, corn, tomatoes, olive oil, seasonings. I added the avocado.
No, mail hadn't come yet.
There have been about a dozen burglaries in our guiet little town in the last two weeks. Arghhhhhh...

The Bug said...

I'm going to have to try that salad - it looks great. Love the story about your old dean - love finds a way, that's for sure!

I'm glad you're enjoying the teaching part - that's what Dr. M loves about his job. He'd rather have an assistant to handle all the paperwork, but no such luck at his small school LOL.

sara said...

oh my word that salad looks so good!!

wow, 68 years. that is so inspiring! and what a story with your friend!!! I love it!!

Our house has been pranked a couple of times. we are on a semi main street and our house has gotten paint balled a few times...once when we just moved here so I know it is not kids that know my kids!!

glad you classes are going well. I hope the amount of paperwork slows down for you and you can thoroughly enjoy the students!!

rita said...

The record keeping and grading paperwork has not begun yet. The one I hated was having to do an official application a.g.a.i.n, send for original transcripts, etc. and all while I am trying to get myself together to teach once more (after having given everything away!)
"Hey, you asked me to teach, remember? I didn't apply for the job!"
Oh, well, I do want to be paid while I'm at it. ;)

skoots1mom said...

that hummingbird pic is neat

we have kids that 'bust' our mailboxes...we've replace about 5 over the last few years

Stay safe...eager to hear about your classes ;)

Tori said...

That salad looks great!
Happy Anniversary to your parents. Amazing! And what a great story of your former dean.
Did your son build the skate bowl too? What a great, safe place for people to go.
Hope you don't get any more pranks. No fun.
Have a great week and keep enjoying the teaching!

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh all of those avacados look so very yummy. And what a great accomplishment for your parents...68 years that is fantastic.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

First...LOVE LOVE avocados!!!!

That salad looked amazing!

Pranks are no fun! Teenage have such and odd sense of what is funny and the desire to push the envelope and rebel... well it is so very distressing!

Prayers that your mail box, and you and your will be safe from further pranks.

rita said...

Yes, Sam and his dad built it.