Sunday, August 15, 2010

2010 Week 33

Sunday we celebrated Karen's BD with taco dinner and Tres Leches Cake.

I followed Pioneer Woman's recipe and in the process discovered the wonders of our Kitchen Aid which hubby got some time ago and I had never used.

Monday I re-learned how to create a photo book with MyPublisher. I was so focused all day on the project that I forgot everything else, until suddenly it was time to make the peach cobbler I promised to take to Monday Meal.

I followed the recipe in Home Cooking Sampler by Peggy Glass--delicious! I got this cookbook for each household one Christmas after SIL  recommended it so highly.

Tuesday was the annual visit to the state fair where we saw chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, pigs of all varieties and sizes. It is The Year of the Pig. For you Charlotte fans, can you see her and can you read her web?

My favorite experience was watching an enormous sow feed her fourteen piglets, a noisy and most fascinating process. Two 'siblets' fought the entire time!

My favorite photo was of Skye checking out the chicks ;)

Wednesday I got to see my gordito precioso. I speak to him in Spanish and his face lights up. Will he be the first grandchild to love Spanish?

Thursday my friend and I 'walked' a couple hours in the blazing heat of midday--she in her electric scooter/wheelchair and I keeping up behind! Crazy? May be. Destination--the ice cream shop!
Camera wasn't working. But later I got a picture of the window box. The flowers don't seem to mind the heat.


Friday I became acquainted with yet another kitchen gadget Mike has purchased over the years--an ice cream maker. It was not so difficult to use and the results were wonderful! I am enjoying taking ownership of my own kitchen.

Mike worked all week at the Red Barn. The project is not quite finished. The kids will be going back to school this next Tuesday and the after-school program will be in full swing.

Saturday morning we went our separate ways again: he to ride with the cycling club, and I ran another 5K.

In the evening we took two grandsons to the Popcorn Festival. We enjoyed watching the bed races, a drum corps, and walking around eating fair food and trying out different games.


The Bug said...

I want some of the cake AND the cobbler! Yum!

I'm so impressed that you're running. Even when I was fit I never liked to run. I could at least start WALKING again, couldn't I?

Tori said...

I don't think you can ever go wrong with the Pioneer Woman! I love my Kitchen Aid mixer too! I am sure you will be using it a lot more.
I thing "Charlotte" wrote Some PIG.
You are such a great Abuela! (is that the right word?) I am very limited...basically what I have learned while the kids watched Dora. I took French.
Can't believe you ran another 5K!! You are amazing!!
Have a super week!!

Rosalyn said...

Looks like a fun week!

sara said...

I really need to try that cake!

our flowers are just melting in this sad.

did Mike think he could do a purple butter bell? About how long will it take? I will need to give him my MIL's address...she is very excited!

Lori @ The Davidson Den said...

Wow. What a fun week! Birthdays, fairs, festivals. You are one wild party gal! ;) I was telling Kim that I only JUST NOW figured out that y'all are sisters-in-law!! Don't know how that escaped me all this time.

Your talk of homemade ice cream has me wantin' some!!!!