Monday, August 16, 2010

Another 5 K

All of the above +

That would be my answer to the question posed in a previous post and reflected in the responses of those who know me.
a. I don't run to get a race T-shirt, but am happy when they give me one, especially when I sign up on the day of the race. That was my luck these last two times.
b. to place in my age category and earn a medal. I tend to look around for my competition before the race and try to keep my eye on them.  It is always a bonus to place whether first or second.
c. to get a door prize, hopefully worth more than the race fee. The last two entry fees were high, especially on race day. I felt a little guilty spending the money so frivolously, so YES, I was hoping. I lucked out: the first was a Kits for Kidz replete with school supplies for the grandkids; and the second was a box of popcorn for all the race participants.
d. to keep up with my husband's fitness feats. I will never be able to keep up with him, but it does motivate me.
e. to meet other runners. Both races I met some really neat people.
f. to prove that I can still do this, even with minimal or no training. I'm not necessarily out to prove anything, but I like to keep in the running as long as possible, even when I have not had the opportunity to train.
g. to lose weight. That would be nice.
h. to get out in the sun and absorb vitamin D. I enjoy the tan as well.
i. as a physical discipline. Of course.
j. as a spiritual discipline. Indeed.
k. to learn perserverance. Always challenged to hang in there to the end.
l. to follow the example of DILs and consuegra and friends who run. The mentioned ones are younger. However, this time I was so very inspired by someone older. Read further.
m. to inspire others. Though I am not a consistent or great runner, people do tell me that they are inspired.
n. to think, ponder and plan blog posts. It happens.
o. Other:  Crazy! Fun! (Your responses, both true!)

You chose as my greatest motivators: i, j, k, l, d, e, f, g, and you are probably right.
Eight years ago I was blown away by a 72 yr. old who flew past me.

I saw her once or twice more and knew better than to think I could beat her. She belongs to a runner's club, trains consistently, and carries no extra weight.

Saturday as I was trudging along, I recognized her small frame coming up beside me. That motivated me to stay ahead of her, so much so that I cut off nearly 2 minutes from my previous time. So intent on beating the famous Edna West this time, I could not waste even the breath to speak to her. I maintained an even pace, looked straight ahead and propelled myself forward with my arms. It was not easy. The day was very humid. For the first time I 'suffered' a bit, coming close to feeling nauseated.

After it was over I thanked her. She told me she had been cheering me on in her head, "Go, go!"

 Will I still be running when I am 80?
Of course, Edna won the award for the oldest female runner. (I won it a few years ago when she wasn't there.)

As it turns out, I have not beat her yet! Although I came in a few seconds before her, she had crossed the starting line after me! Here are the results, with one gross error (can you find it?):

Place   Bib #   Name               Age   Gender     Start      Finish   Elapsed
112344Edna West360Female8:33:269:11:040:37:38
113137Rita Koch66Female8:33:209:10:590:37:39


The Bug said...

Um, I'm PRETTY SURE she's not 360 - is she? Heh.

You are amazing to me, even if you didn't beat her!

Kathy said...

Yes- I agree with The BUG- she cannot be 360 years old.

sara said...

yes, you do inspire us!!!

gmelia said...

I think Rita she beat you for one second? she started six after, you reache five before, 1 to her credit!
In any case you are doing great as you tried your best to catch up with her and not let her pass you!!She is is the best Reference Mark!! to she how well you are doing! Bravo Rita

Lhoyt said...

Great! Keep it up, Rita!