Saturday, August 21, 2010


Lynn escorting his youngest daughter 
A little over eight years ago, my mother and I flew to Florida for Elizabeth's wedding, which happened to be on my birthday, May 18th.
I remember how Mother's adventurous spirit won over her very dutiful nature, when at the last minute she decided to go ahead with travel plans even though it meant leaving Dad behind. He was unwilling to travel as the hiccups would not go away; that lasted seven days! Mother and I had a great time. The few days of separation from his help mate, revealed to all of us how dependent he had become. That was when we were made keenly aware of Dad's condition.

However, today I am thinking of another separation. Michael, Elizabeth's husband, has been taken from us to a better and eternal home. As I write, many friends and family are gathering in Georgia to remember his life. My brother has written about him in his blog.

Lizzie and Michael, the day before their wedding
 Lizzie, we love you and are praying for you as you begin a new life without your life companion.


Kim said...

Lovely post Rita. I've been thinking about Lizzie and the family all morning and praying.

sara said...

praying for her today and for your whole family.