Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to School

Today as I think of the last of the grandkids heading back to school, I am reminded of another family-member-of-sorts, who has a whole month yet left to enjoy summer activities and their traditional festivals! Lucky Amaia!

I have a few photos of our visit to her school back in June when we were in Hondarribia.

Somehow the green courtyard and the big trees reminded me of my school days.

One of Amaia's teachers gave us a tour. Some classes were still in session, but Amaia had already finished her courses.
I think they were watching in amusement  the attention our friend Laurie was receiving from all the children and young people.

Laurie wanted to know which desk was Amaia's.

One of the labs. Science is a must for someone contemplating a career in the medical field!

So, Amaia has a month before she heads back up the hill for her last year of bachiller (high school), and a year to decide and prepare for the next step. Will it be medical school, nurses training, midwifery??? A big decision and a very challenging year.

We are praying for you, Amaia!

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