Monday, August 25, 2008

66 Years

My parents have been together 66 years (8-22-1942)!

Friday evening we celebrated with a few friends from Argentina, the country where they lived and worked for over 40 years.

Tho' very significant we kept the event simple: cake, terma (Argentine herbal beverage), Dory's cream puffs, and piles of old photos. These kept the conversation, laughter and fellowship flowing and could have gone on and many meaningful memories!

These are some of the dear friends from when I grew up in Argentina. Eduardo (far right) has been a pastor/teacher/writer for 45+ years. He gave me his autographed book Deléitese en su Biblia. I am delighted!

So, I didn't keep my promise in the Argentina Series.
If there are any disappointed readers out there in the bloggy world, please forgive the delay.
The promised 'tomorrow' has become a latino mañ unknown future, hopefully not too far off.


Kim said...

Enjoyed the photos from the anniversary party!
Pero encontre un error -- deberia ser 22-8-42 (no 22).
[Sorry I can't figure out how to do accent marks on my computer yet.]

rita said...

Gracias, Kim :)
Y muy buen español!
BTW, how do you cross out a word for intentional effect?
Sure do enjoy your blogs and photos, but I noticed there are fewer posts now that you have Skype!

Kim said...

Blogging Basics 101 is a GREAT help!

Kim said...

Well, that didn't work since it idn't include the entire address for the link. I'll just e-mail it!