Monday, August 18, 2008


Argentina Series: Day Six
Uruguay Adventure: Day Two

When I met Elena some 25+ years ago it was on the last day of one of the MV/Doulos' visits to Montevideo. And it was in answer to a prayer: to meet/impact ONE person in that port city that would follow the Way and that we could have a lasting relationship.

At the time she was a young mother of two and her husband was in prison. I corresponded with her for years and with Wilson, her husband--a gifted writer/poet. We sent help when possible.Years later he was released.

We lost touch for a period of 10 years or more. Over time I used different addresses and tried many means to reconnect. Once again prayer was more effective and an answer came in God's time.
One day, a couple years ago now, I received another letter. Family circumstances had changed and she had suffered considerably, but the most notable change was the spiritual.
The good news: involved in a church, in evangelism and ministry, she wrote very insightful words of encouragement.
The bad news: her husband had left her and was living with her sister and in the same house. She was banished to a one-room apartment on the rooftop!
For a long time she had held a job at a hospital. Since giving it up, however, she has been unable to find other employment.

She sang beautifully for us , a song of praise and victory that I have carried with me in my heart and on tape (see the little recorder on the table?).

Golpe de espada es la alabanza
Golpe de guerra que sale de Dios
Canto de gloria es la victoria
En la batalla del pueblo de Dios.

But we were so sad for the emotional turmoil she endures living there and really urged her to find a way out. Economic realities keep her trapped there. However, her spirit soars! She is still going out and ministering in hospitals to AIDS victims and the needy, faithful in church, sings, would love to study guitar and perfect her skills.

Truly the joy of the Lord is her strength and His Word sustains her.

This is the board full of promises and photos that keep her keeping on. (If you look closely you will notice some of our family photos which I had sent over the years.)
I will always look back on that one night we spent in her hospitality with awe because in the most unlikely of situations it was one of best nights of sleep. Elena gave up her bed and joined her daughter on the loft right below the roof apartment and they brought up an extra cot. It was so cold and we felt so snug.

Eunice was able to contact her nurse friend as well and we all met at a very nice restaurant in bus terminal. The food was amazing and the fellowship sweet.

Soon Eunice and I were off again by bus and catamaran reflecting on divine encounters.

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