Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Adventures in Argentina

Today I realized that exactly a year ago this grandma ventured out of her cozy nest in summery Upland, IN, and flew to wintery Buenos Aires.
Why, you say, what for?
Well, a year earlier, when an e-mail invitation came to read a paper at the Fundación Internacional Jorge Luis Borges, I could not resist the urge to resurrect a favorite piece and, above all, to go back to the 'homeland'. However, I let it rest, prayed, and then with Michael's approval applied in the last hour before the deadline was up on May 25th. Ten minutes later the acceptance e-mail came back! I was so excited!
Many anxious moments followed, however. There were so many unknowns: complications with lodging, travel around the country to see old friends, which ones... Would I be able to do the necessary revisions on the paper and deliver it successfully in that august scholarly gathering?
What was this--foolishness or faith?
These were my thoughts as I waved goodbye to my husband, plus the normal fears of possible flight accidents.

To be continued...

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