Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mirtha--my BFF

Argentina Series: Day 12-13

Río Tercero, provincia de Córdoba

So Day 11 was the last day of the Borges conference. I did not stay for the evening session. Instead I took a taxi to the bus terminal where I had already been to purchase a ticket and store my luggage.

The ride from Buenos Aires to Córdoba province is an overnight trip which includes an evening meal.

My childhood friend, Mirtha, was waiting for me bright and early.

I spent two beautiful days sharing life with the Ferros and their guests.

Mirtha y Aldo
Older sister Eunice was spending the week there also, teaching a Seminary course. And sister Sara lives in the same town with pastor-husband Cacho. My visit coincided with that of niece Lilia and her family from London. It was a very special time for the family and I was so privileged to be a part of the action.

Our friendship goes way back and runs deep. (We are the two little girls on the left.)
As young girls we promised to be best friends forever. Both of us discovered an interest or gift in the area of literature and writing. We wrote volumes to one another growing up. Both of us have studied and taught Spanish literature. However Mirtha has already been published!
Mirtha was only a baby when she contracted polio which, in her case, affected the spine resulting in a pronounced scoliosis. As an adolescent the doctors ordered her to months, even years, of bedrest. Her wise father encouraged her to write. She won third place in a Christian fiction contest and Moody Press published her novel!
More recently she was editor of the only Christian Spanish language magazine for children.
She would love to get back into the ministry of writing for children. Her husband battled cancer and they are still recovering, praising God for his healing mercies.

Recently a friend from that era, who understood the impact of our friendship, commented that Mirtha does not even appear in my profile. I hope this post helps to correct that omission.

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