Friday, August 29, 2008

Domingo con Delia

Argentina Series: Day 14
I had a four-hour visit with childhood compañerita. Delia lived around the corner from our first house in Don Bosco, a suburb of Buenos Aires. We walked to school together from third through sixth grades.
Delia also attended Sunday School in our home off and on.
Eventually her mother also became a follower of Jesus.
Delia went with us to church camp in the sierras of Córdoba and there met Alberto. They've been married almost 40 years. They live in General Deheza.
During this very special visit, though brief, I was privileged to meet the three sons and their spouses, not the grandchildren, maybe next time.

Delia worked for many years as a school administrative assistant. Alberto just recently retired from a prominent company, AGD, which has contributed significantly to the growth of the local community and had a global impact in the area of edible oils and natural food products. Three family members continue to work there.
I learned from the website that Argentina is second only to China in peanut exports.
One son works for another important peanut exporter, IMC (check out the recipes on the website). And the eldest is in a related field, machines for sorting for quality control,
What an educational tour, just searching these websites!

Delia and Alberto are very involved in their local congregation in music, women's ministry and fellowship opportunities for adultos mayores (PC for senior citizens).

Four full hours were not nearly enough, so my dear friend and I continue our conversation via e-mail.

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Kim said...

I will have to check out all the websites later, but did look quickly at the recipes. Yum! Especially that last one.