Saturday, August 9, 2008

Stay the Course

Another 5K logged. Did better this time. Once again did not stop, kept going to the end.
Debby (my consuegra and running buddy) on the other hand was really tired and had to walk toward the end. But we both earned second place medals in our age division.
Moral of the story: on good days and bad days, keep on keeping on, don't give up.

Five years ago I wrote the following devotional piece. It holds true today, even though my pace is slower and I seldom pass anyone now.

"Four years ago I began running local 5k races whenever possible. I wanted to be challenged. When I first started my goal was to complete the race without stopping. I may have had to walk once or twice.
The most recent run surprised me. After settling into a comfortable pace and rythmic breathing pattern, I focused on stretching each thrust forward, lengthening my stride steadily and surely.
As I passed a couple of women runners, I overheard one say, “Why am I doing this?” same sentiments earlier that morning, there were so many things needing to be done. I was feeling overwhelmed by the demands of life.
I kept my eyes fixed on the person ahead of me, caught up and passed one runner, and another. Then I understood. There was a lesson for life in all of this. When I am in fellowship with God, and my gaze is fixed intently on what lies ahead, I will not be running aimlessly. Reading His Word, listening to His voice and responding in prayer and obedience is like the act of breathing that keeps me alive and stays my course through the maze of life.
The surprise ending to the 5k race was a personal best. I have reflected many times since, on how even infinitesimal increments can affect the outcome. Even small changes can make a difference in the future of my well being and my ability to give to those around me.
PRAYER: Lord, I want to run the race marked out for me in this life, not aimlessly but very intentionally and with perseverance. Help me to ruthlessly rid myself of every hindrance and make the right choices. Keep me from stumbling as I abide in You. And may the end of life’s race be a personal best, for the Master’s sake. Amen."

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