Sunday, August 3, 2008

Crazy Grandma

That's my new title.

How did I earn it?

It happened thus:

On the very day of Skye's 11th birthday, July 29th, I took the two older cousins (grandsons Skye and Malachi) to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. The GPS Mike gave me for my birthday is now a wonderful friend, but "Nancy" (or was it "Cindy"?) didn't tell me how to find the ICM free parking. I drove around the possible circuit twice before I spotted it. When I did, I got so excited repeating crazily "Free parking!" What I really meant was "We found it!"

From then on, the slightest hint of funny behavior on the part of this senior citizen has been deemed insanity by the younger generation, such as LOL (my laugh has always been different), or when I bought a kiddie meal for myself, the toy was for Elijah, of course, the youngest grandson who wasn't with us.

The label has stuck, and again this weekend I was accused of craziness.

I can't help it, they make me crazy. After all, insanity is hereditary--you get it from your kids (and grandkids)!

Be that as it may...(as Pastor Jay says) I am crazy about them, and very grateful for the good times spent together.

The activities of this weekend included:

--visiting garden train display

One of our friends, a member of the Indiana Large Scale Railroaders, had an open house.

--building and programming a Lego robot

Skye's gift from grandpa which will keep on giving all year, and had both older boys entertained and away from video games and TV for hours.

--swimming at Taylor Lake

--racing the trike and skateboard down the driveway

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Elizabeth said...

Wow... it sounds like you had a gerat time... filled with lots of memories...