Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Spanish Lesson

Argentina Series--Day Four

Eunice came over to visit.

She's the dear friend I stayed with for a week once before. This time her niece and family were visiting from Ireland, filling up her small apartment.

Eunice is my childhood BFF's older sister. She should long be retired but still heads up UCEA (Unión Cristiana de Enfermeras Argentinas) and travels teaching for Seminario Bíblico de Fe.

We never did figure out how we could miss each other at the airport. Have we changed that much? I think she was hiding under a winter hat, out of habit, because the day was beautiful and spring-like. Next time a huge welcome sign is in order.

Can you find my two friends among the antiques? We went for a walk and enjoyed the picturesque streets of Tigre together.

And here is your photo Spanish lesson: How many of these signs can you read?

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