Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Southern Delights

Mostly photos today and more Spanish.
No time for more as I prepare for a job interview.
Reminds me of a year ago when I was wrapping up the final revisions of the paper to be read the next day. I had spent two days holed away, late at night or early morning, plugging away until I was satisfied. Dora was more nervous than I. But I must say that I shouted when it was done and we all celebrated.
Later that afternoon I ventured downtown Buenos Aires to the Fundación Internacional Jorge Luis Borges, into the hairy scary scholarly world! (more on that tomorrow)

Medialuna con jamón y queso y una Coca-cola
(purchased on the bus en route to Montevideo)

Pastelito de hojaldre con dulce de membrillo
(Eunice bought me one on the catamaran)

(the most wonderful dessert in the whole wide world!)


Kim said...

Finally had time to catch up on your blog! We now have internet at the apartment which is great. The internet is slower here so it just takes longer to do everything and I hadn't been reading blogs, just writing on my own and keeping up with e-mails.
Enjoying your Argentina series!
So how did the interview go??? And for what position?

rita said...

And I hadn't seen your comments!
And thanks for the encouragement to continue the Argentina Series in spite of the break.
I interviewed at Muncie Central High School where they are still functioning with a sub two weeks into the school year. However, they have not called back sé...veremos...