Tuesday, August 12, 2008

TWISTS of Life

I heard a quote not long ago but can't remember where it came from.

"9/10 of knowing God's will is overcome when we accept what we know (knew all along?) is God's will."

All the doors I knocked on, i.e. the colleges and high schools I applied to, have closed. The school year has begun and I am still at home. So this week I must accept that fact and order my life accordingly.

Transitioning away from teaching has proven more difficult than I imagined. Maybe I never gave it much thought, I was too busy. But I have felt for some time that I should fall back on writing, ever since I took a course in Freelance Writing from Doc Hensley (Taylor Fort Wayne).

Now, here I am and I don't know what to do exactly. I have heard many times that a writer (especially a beginning writer!) should not quit his/her day job! But I have no income-generating employment.

So, should I become a translator? I signed up on a translators website and have available projects coming to my inbox daily. If I pay the $129 for full membership I can bid on them and probably end up with more than I can handle.

Or should I become a substitute teacher and contact all the Spanish teachers so they know they can count on fluency and experience and list me as their top choice?

How often will I need to make the trip to Warsaw to help Mother prepare for a move to Grace Village in a not-yet-determined future?

And how involved would/could/should I be with the grandchildren? Kristie is going to go to school full-time, she received two generous grants and cannot pass up the opportunity. Might I be able to help care for Elijah?

Last but not least, and above all: support my husband, lighten his load in creative ways.



Involvement with grandkids

Substitute teach

Transition parents to retirement community

Support Michael!


If there are any readers out there, I welcome your responses.

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86 My Social Life said...

Hello Aunt Rita :)
Just saying hello, and wanted to say how thankful I am that you will be the main person helping Grandma out with this transition!
Today Grandpa came downstairs to leave for lunch before Grandma and was confused that she wasn't already there, I said "Well, you know women take longer to get ready than men" and he said "Oh, no, not my wife, she's always ahead of me!" Haha.
Anywho, talk to ya later!